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Care of Christ Church is routed and grounded in the love of God and passion of Lord Jesus's care for the human kind. Care and well being is the foundational motto of the church on all aspects of the ministry whether it is preaching, teaching, helping or reaching the souls.

About Care of Christ Church

The journey of Care of Christ Church began on 2011 September with 10 members met in a rented hall at Ganapathy, Coimbatore.

We are committed to share Christ with people from all walks of life and reaching people of all Nations with redeeming love of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

We at Care of Christ Church seek Care for human kind as the foundational calling of God. Care and well being of souls matter to God. We serve the community and nation with God directed principles and direction. Care of Christ Church was founded in the year 2011 by the visionary Pastor Richard GSI and has gone through several hard times and firmly planted by the grace of God. 

Care Media Network was started in the year 2019 on the aim of reaching the unreached in the digital world. Although its small beginning, it has reached millions of people around the world with the message of salvation.

Care Media Network runs a digital channel called 'Care TV' which of its own kind with several programs dy diverse ministers and pastors from various parts of the world. It has also produced two short films on the title 'True Christmas' and 'Encounter', which has touched thousands of people's life. This ministry also does a daily motivational message on video format called 'Highly Favoured - DNA of Victory', which has attracted thousands to watch daily through different social media platforms.

Care of Christ Foundation is the religious and charitable trust organisation, formed on the principles of building the God's kingdom by serving the needy. It has the motto of 'Care for Everyone' in all its functions towards church and community.

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